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Video content

Receiving and processing messages, moderation, interactives

Live broadcast
Recorded program
Ready title

with alpha channel, on chromo-key, qml-animation

Data for creating a title

RSS, xml, json, txt, etc.

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TV equipment

Interactive TV broadcast

and broadcasts on Youtube, social networks, and on the website

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Hotlines/press conferences

Organization of a hotline based on services using modern media and communications


  • Hotline mode before TV broadcast
  • Live broadcast of photos, audio and video materials received in messages
  • Statistics of messages, popularity of topics and questions
  • Speech recognition in audio messages and conversion to text format
  • Receiving and processing messages, moderation, interactives


  • Demonstration of incoming questions on the air, webcast, and on the videowall in the studio
  • Infographics of incoming messages


  • Moderation of messages before airing
  • Editing messages and creating your own
  • Aggregation into a single feed of questions received through various communication channels, including messengers, social networks, SMS, and call center
  • Hotline Details

Social and political talk shows

Political disputes (debates) can be organized not only with guests in the studio but also with viewers. It is possible, within the framework of one show, to simultaneously receive messages and conduct a survey, receiving the majority opinion in real time. For example, the topic of Adoption of Amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, messages from viewers "I am in favor because ..." or "I am against because...." In this case, the system automatically reads "in favor of/against" as votes and the following text, as a comment for airing. Viewers simultaneously become participants in the survey and in the exchange of opinions. Ease of message processing and extensive visualization capabilities allow viewers to become full-fledged participants in the discussion.

One or several experts in the studio. You can enable your audience to ask questions whenever they connect to watch the show. If there are several experts, the moderator can easily distribute questions between speakers and display them on the screen immediately before the answer.

Audio messaging is an alternative to calling the studio. Speech recognition and fast playback allow to process audio messages and broadcast them promptly. No need to listen to every message to choose one that is best to air.

Entertainment programs

Receiving congratulations, questions, votes, photos, and videos from viewers. Games, contests, and quizzes run in the studio can easily become interactive and engage viewers in the show.

Где применяется
  • Morning programs
  • Musical shows
  • Quizzes
  • Humorous programs
How voices and messages are received
  • Messengers
  • Social networks
  • Telephone voting (8-800 .... or landlines)
Special features
  • Using a rating factor (e.g., 1:7) does not affect the objectivity of the contest results.
  • Interactive overlay on a recorded program

Details of the implementation of such programs are tailored according to the script.

People's Correspondent

This works with feedback and quality interactive content in a single window mode.



  • comments on TV channel posts or programs on social networks
  • messages with requests and questions to messengers (Viber/WhatsApp) and SMS
  • photo and video reports from the audience from the event site


  • automatic moderation
  • markers
  • distribution and grouping of messages
  • filters and search
  • automatic transformation of audio messages into text and fast playback
  • interactive output


  • in live broadcasts
  • in recordings

Integration with TV equipment

Demo Access


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