Interactives based on the Message Feed service
Interactivity is an opportunity to interact with your audience. Such interaction is achieved by quality information exchange between the broadcast content and the viewer's reaction to it.
Demo Access

Receiving and displaying text and photo messages

  • Interactives based on the Message Feed service
  • in the form of a feed or carousel

Receiving and outputting audio messages

An alternative to calling the studio is reception, prompt processing and output of audio messages.

Fast playback and automatic conversion of audio files to text allows you not to listen to each message for choosing the appropriate one for the broadcast.


Voting in real time on any broadcast resources. Votes are counted automatically on all communication channels simultaneously.

Open voting with continuous display of dynamics
voting with an overall counter.

Keeps the intrigue before the announcement of the results and allows you to get the most objective data.

Voting with comments

Вопрос=> "Is there life on Mars?"
Answer options=> Yes / No



To cast a vote in favor and support the participant with a message is cooler than talking to the screen. Messages and votes are distributed automatically.

team games
vocal and dance shows
Sports competitions, battles

Ability to receive and display support messages in favor of participants. Receiving votes and forming ratings with an unlimited number of contestants.

Telephone Voting
  • multichannel – the number of viewers who dialed the number = the number of voters
  • recording audio comments as an alternative to the call on the air
  • 8-800 numbers

Reception of repeated votes is not possible!

In subsequent attempts to vote again, the voter is informed about the previously counted vote.

If your project is just starting or it was not interactive before, you can use the rating coefficient (1 vote = N votes). This will not affect the objectivity of voting!


The automated game algorithm allows you to simultaneously play with guests in the studio and the audience who are watching or listening to the broadcast

To start a quiz, just set the parameters for determining the winner and start the game. The winner is determined automatically.


automated real-time polls with the ability to visualize the results


Got an idea? We will develop interactivity for your project!


Method for creating a title
Ready title

with alpha channel, on chromo-key, qml-animation

Data for the title machine

RSS, xml, json, txt, etc.

  • Send us the brandbook of the project and we will prepare a design for interactive visualization
  • use out-of-the-box solutions
  • send us the finished titles and we will program them
Screen positioning



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