Demo Access

Automation of the work of the hosts


Feedback from listeners in single window mode

Receiving messages from WhatsApp, VKontakte, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Odnoklassniki, as well as comments on posts from social networks in a single feed. Automatic moderation, cutting off spam and voice calls. Settings for the messages layout and their data. Automatic processing, counting, and identification of winners in interactives.

The number of hosts and employees who can simultaneously access the service is unlimited!


Working with messages

Hosts or editors can do the following with messages from listeners:

  • tag
  • add to favorites
  • add to interactives
  • copy to clipboard
  • hide
  • Message Format
    • Video
    • Text
    • Audio
    • Photo

Receiving and broadcasting audio messages from messengers is even easier and more convenient! The Message Feed has built-in automatic speech recognition and fast playback, for quick reading of the audio file contents. You can edit, overlay the background, and upload an audio message prepared for broadcasting.

И хочется сказать никто не любит радио так как люблю его я

Author's Card

The message feed contains information about each and every author who has written to the radio..

All media files and text messages that a particular listener has ever sent are available. You can go to the chat and reply to the listener's message or block it, and then the feed will no longer receive messages from this listener.


Automated processing, counting of votes, and identification of winners

Conduct voting, polls, quizzes, creative contests, and quests simply by setting parameters. The results are summed up automatically by the system.

Voting / polls

Automated vote counting and voting dynamics. Continue communicating with listeners during voting. They can submit votes with their comments.


The system not only independently identifies the winner, but also blocks the opportunity for the same person to win several times in a row.

Creative сompetitions

The ability to quickly process messages in text, audio, and photo formats makes the decision-making process and identifying winners more objective and convenient.

Feedback statistics as an interactive for hosts

It is attractively called the Pulse of the Air. The dynamics of incoming messages during the broadcast is reflected in the graph with growing vertical bars, with an interval of 2 minutes.


You can send links to any other information, including links to install mobile apps and ads.

Statistics are generated automatically.

Promotion of podcasts, playlists, and mobile apps

Connecting and configuring automated responses to listeners' requests for on-air telephone lines.


The hosts announce the possibility to get a playlist or podcast by sending a keyword to any on-air messenger, such as "podcast".


pon receiving the keyword "podcast," the Message Feed processes it as a request and automatically sends out a welcome message and a link to the podcast.


A listener who receives a link to a playlist or podcast can share it with friends in their messenger.

Video Content Development

Interactive Visualization

All interactives – voting, quizzes, and creativity competitions – can be easily put on the air

Макс Петров

Всем доброе утро! И отличного настроения!


Доброе утро!


Удачного дня!



Селфи с питомцем


Я и мой Дик

Может ли пингвин сказать, что является представителем класса пернатых?

A Не может, т.к. он не способен говорить

Б Может, нужно просто спросить его на пингвиньем языке


Может ли пингвин сказать, что является представителем класса пернатых?

АОн рыба

БНе умеет говорить он

ВОн ящер


Demo Access


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