Accept and display questions, comments, reviews, votes, requests for a question as an alternative to a raised hand, and much more.

Communicate with your audience via one of the popular messengers or use them all at once.
Demo Access

Engaging participants in interactive activities.

Messages from participants

  • Voting
  • Polls
  • Message Broadcast
Your Screen
  • Internet Broadcasting
  • Projector
  • Videowall

Ask question

+7 900 000 00 00

Ask question

Announce the possibility of receiving messages by placing a phone number or QR code with contacts on the screen, in handouts or mailing lists.


Received messages are automatically moderated. You can also mark, delete, tag, edit, and even create new messages before displaying them on the screen

Ways to post messages on the screen

  • In the form of a feed
  • As a static image (one or several images)
  • Distribution between the speakers
  • Overlay on a PDF presentation

Full-screen display of questions

During the answer the question that the speaker is answering is highlighted, and all other questions go out

Closing questions Completed questions can be closed, which clearly shows the feedback processing

Overlaying questions on a presentation

Possible output criteria

  • all moderated
  • relevant to the topic
  • arousing interest
  • frequent
  • one or group of questions answered by the speaker

Possible formats of messages displayed on the screen

  • questions
  • comments on the speech, suggestions on the topic
  • reviews, rating
  • last name, first name and subject matter

Conference/press conference including remote participants

Simultaneous output to the videowall and streaming to the Internet. Speakers can see moderated and selected messages on the projector, videowall, or on their mobile devices, where they can select and mark messages for themselves

Benefits of using

Receiving and outputting clearly defined questions and comments
Moderation and multiple output options
Observance of allocated time limits for discussed issues
Receiving and displaying messages and votes from remote participants
Distribution of questions between the speakers
Unlimited user access
It is possible to display your own messages
Foreign language support

Voting / polls

The progress and results of the voting can be displayed on the screen with relevant comments from the voters or with words of support during the discussion.

Possibility to conduct both simple and multi-stage surveys. To launch such an interactive, just fill in the fields with options and click the start button! Reception of repeated votes is not possible!

Vote collection and visualization of the interactive can be done through any of your selected input and output channels.


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